Young volunteers of culture appeared in Kurkijoki

In July 2019 a summer museum education program was held in the village of Kurkijoki, Lahdenpohja region. Local teenagers aged 11-18 spent 10 days studying the history and traditions of the Ladoga Lake area and learning to work in a team. They were taught the basics of volunteering and prepared […]


InterActive History project team meetings in Finland

In April 2019 InterActive History project manager Elena Kholodkova and coordinators Artem Stepanov and Natalia Sidorova from the Creative industries and cultural tourism development fund visited Joensuu and Outokumpu to meet with Finnish partners from the North Karelian Museum and the Outokumpu Mining Museum. In Joensuu Reetta-Mari Kellokoski and Iiris […]


“My favourite places in Joensuu” – workshop day for young adults

InterActive History project coordinator Reetta-Mari Kellokoski from North Karelian Museum visited “Ota päivä haltuun” group in the youth center Whisper in Joensuu on April 1st. The workshop dayin the youth center Whisper included Reetta-Mari’s presentation about Utra district’s history, making waffles and drawing maps with the theme “my favourite places […]


InterActive History project presentation in Joensuu

Reetta-Mari Kellokoski (North Karelia Museum, Joensuu) and Sini-Maria Melanen (Ilomansi Museum Association) presented the InterActive History project in the North Karelian Regional Council in Joensuu (Finland). The project aroused great interest among the audience and was especially appreciated for its focus on children and young people, as well as for […]