InterActive History


all-small Museums, research, interpretation of cultural heritage, new services, interactivity, augmented reality, historical reconstruction.

Northern Paradise


Northern Paradise is an art project that brings together young artists from the Republic of Karelia (Russia) and North Karelia (Finland). The project builds on local nature, culture and history of Karelia as an image of an ideal place for creative people, i.e. the paradise for artists.

Euregio Karelia: Museum Hypertext


4 Modernization of the museum field in the Euregio Karelia region by developing, adjusting and integrating new concept-based approaches, methods and technologies that provide consumers of museum services with expanded possibilities for a more efficient exploration of the local cultural heritage.

Craft & Design Business Incubator


Art Sloboda craft incubator, craft workshops in the Sortavala and Pitkyaranta pilot regions, training in business basics and craft technologies, product design and production to support the creative industries development in Karelia.

Public Space Design


  Development of social, cultural, political activity of the youth and its creative self-fulfillment by implementing a series of educational and practical events



Avant-garde, computer graphics, animation, video art, media theater, installations, alternative films, performances, objects… all this and much more in KOMART-club where real culture is intertwined with virtual infinity of the World Wide Web and multimedia capacities of information technologies.