North Karelian Museum published Utra’s mobile guides

SC0267North Karelian Museum has published Utra’s mobile guides on June 18th 2020. Utra is a district in the city of Joensuu. Utra’s mobile guides include three different mobile guide routes that showcase Utra’s history from different angles. The selection of routes includes industrial history and the daily life of different times, a fun-filled adventure on the Utra Island as well as dark beliefs and news of Utra.

DSC0284Today’s Utra district is quite modern and it can be challenging to spot sigs of historical Utra there. The mobile guides offer an opportunity to see old and also rare photo material about the district’s history. The photo materials in mobile guides are from the North Karelian Museum’s and private informants’ collections. Project coordinator Reetta-Mari Kellokoski has written the manuscripts for mobile guides. The illustrations in ‘Detective Agency Lutra & Lutra’ route are made by Absu, and Jussi Sinkkonen has created the illustrations and videos for ‘Utra is a city of destruction’ route.

rasti7pieniThe mobile guides are produced by utilizing the ‘Seinätön museo’ (Wall-less Museum) application of Finnish Museums Association. The routes are 2 to 3 kilometers long and language options are Finnish, English and Russian. The routes start from the parking space of Utra Island on Utrantie street in Joensuu. There is also an info sign and QR code about mobile guides. It is also possible to use mobile guides from anywhere over the internet. The website of the mobile guides is

The InterActive History project is a joint effort of six museums in Russia and Finland to create and introduce new interactive museum services based on research and interpretation of local cultural heritage, interactive principles and historical reconstruction in order to develop local identity and unique culture of the Euregio Karelia region. The project is implemented through the Karelia cross-border cooperation program in the partnership with the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Karelia.

Project acronym logo ENGKarelia CBC Program is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. 2020.