Euregio Karelia: Museum Hypertext

Project period: January 2013 – December 2014

Project website:

Funding: Karelia ENPI CBC Program

The goal of the project is to foster cross-border cultural space of the Euregio Karelia region based on a common vision, identification and museum interpretation of the historical and cultural features of the area.

The specific objectives of the project are:
– Active involvement of value, information, communication and creative potential of museums and communities cooperating with them into the process of economic, social and cultural development of the Euregio Karelia region.
– Modernization of the museum field in the Euregio Karelia region by developing, adjusting and integrating new concept-based approaches, methods and technologies that provide consumers of museum services with expanded possibilities for a more efficient exploration (also individual) of the local cultural heritage.
The main activities:

  • Creation of an open museum information system of the Euregio Karelia;
  • For museums: technical upgrade, renovations, creation of new exhibitions, development of development strategies for municipal museums of the Republic of Karelia;
  • A number of problem-based, educational, presentation-based seminars/conferences, study tours, exhibitions;
  • Photo and multimedia exhibition “Destination – Karelia” by photoartists Anastasia Khoroshilova (Russia) and Jakko Heikkilä in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Helsinki, Joensuu;
  • Promotion of museum products and services to the travel markets of Russia and Finland. Releasing printed materials, production of new souvenirs products for museums.