The Fund

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AND CULTURAL TOURISM DEVELOPMENT FUND is a non-for-profit organization established in 2004 in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia. It is targeted at:

  • Shaping innovation strategies of territorial development via culture and creativity;
  • Promoting projects in creative industries development, cultural entrepreneurship, cultural tourism and information technologies in the Republic of Karelia;
  • Sharing the know-how in creative industries and the best practices in cultural tourism at the international level and promoting the Russian experience in cultural tourism and creative industries development;
  • Facilitating networks among creative professionals;
  • Organizing and delivering various educational programs.

OUR TEAM has long-standing experience in implementing projects in the field of culture, creative industries, cultural tourism and information technologies funded by the Open Society Institute (The Soros Foundation), the European Union (Tacis CBC SPF, Euregio Karelia Neighborhood Program, Karelia ENPI CBC Programme), the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic Culture Fund, the Ford Foundation, etc. Among the most significant projects are:

  • KARELIAN HOLIDAYS Museum Information Network
    (2004-2005, funded by EU / Tacis CBC SPF, project budget € 249 000,;
  • Karelian Craft and Design Network
    (2007-2008, funded by EU / Euregio Karelia Neighborhood Program, project budget € 299 730,;
  • KOMART Club – Contemporary Art Youth Center in Petrozavodsk
    (2005-2011, funded by the Ford Foundation, project budget $ 572 300,;
  • Public Space Design
    (2011-2012, funded by the Soros Foundation,;
  • Craft & Design Business Incubator
    (2011-2013, funded by Karelia ENPI CBC Programme, project budget € 640 000,;
  • Euregio Karelia: Museum Hypertext
    (2013-2014, funded by Karelia ENPI CBC Programme, project budget € 990 000,,