The Fund

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AND CULTURAL TOURISM DEVELOPMENT FUND is a non-for-profit organization established in 2004 in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia. It is targeted at:

  • Shaping innovation strategies of territorial development via culture and creativity;
  • Promoting projects in creative industries development, cultural entrepreneurship, cultural tourism and information technologies in the Republic of Karelia;
  • Sharing the know-how in creative industries and the best practices in cultural tourism at the international level and promoting the Russian experience in cultural tourism and creative industries development;
  • Facilitating networks among creative professionals;
  • Organizing and delivering various educational programs.

OUR TEAM has long-standing experience in implementing projects in the field of culture, creative industries, cultural tourism and information technologies.
Among the most significant projects are:

  • KARELIAN HOLIDAYS Museum Information Network
    (2004-2005, funded by EU / Tacis CBC SPF, project budget € 249 000,;
  • Karelian Craft and Design Network
    (2007-2008, funded by EU / Euregio Karelia Neighborhood Program, project budget € 299 730,;
  • KOMART Club – Contemporary Art Youth Center in Petrozavodsk
    (2005-2011, funded by the Ford Foundation, project budget $ 572 300,;
  • Public Space Design
    (2011-2012, funded by the Soros Foundation,;
  • Craft & Design Business Incubator
    (2011-2013, funded by Karelia ENPI CBC Programme, project budget € 640 000,;
  • Euregio Karelia: Museum Hypertext
    (2013-2014, funded by Karelia ENPI CBC Programme, project budget € 990 000,,
  • InterActive History (KA3022)
    (2018-2021, funded by Karelia CBC Programme 2014-2020, project budget € 766 486,;