Northern Paradise

4737Northern Paradise is an art project that brings together young artists from the Republic of Karelia (Russia) and North Karelia (Finland). The project builds on local nature, culture and history of Karelia as an image of an ideal place for creative people, i.e. the paradise for artists that boasts original environment free from the global industrialization which has preserved archaic relationship between man and nature as equal partners. The Medvezhyegorsk and Pudozh districts of Karelia boast natural sites with special ecological, historical and aesthetic value that are meant to be used for nature-preserving, enlightening, scientific and cultural purposes. A picture of today’s new vision of a comfortable and balanced place for living seen by young artists can lead to incredible and innovative results.

• To draw attention of the residents of Karelia, Russia and Finland and tourists to the cultural heritage and history of Karelia and contribute to the promotion of its districts as popular tourist destinations;
• To contribute to the increase of possibilities for professional development and creative fulfilment of young artists of Karelia.

• To engage young artists of Karelia in comprehending and reflecting local cultural, historic and natural heritage in modern art of Karelia;
• To create an essential cultural product based on local material;
• To popularize districts and cultural heritage sites of Karelia.

Geography of the project:
• City of Petrozavodsk;
• Medvezhyegorsk district;
• Pudozh district.

The project partner in Finland is the Artists´Association of Joensuu.

Project activities:
1. Pre-project stage (February – April 2016): a kick-off meeting and lecture/presentation of artists from Karelia and Finland, selection of project participants (5 artists from the Republic of Karelia, Russia and 5 artists from North Karelia, Finland) by an independent international team of curators.
2. Art camp, boat trip for 10 young artists and the project leader on the Ekolog research boat en route: Petrozavodsk – Pegrema village, Unitskaya Bay – Kizhi island – Besov Nos cape, Muromsky Monastery – Ilyinsky Pogost. The aim of the trip is to visit cultural heritage sites and plunge into the history, ethnography and culture of these places in order to create art pieces for the future exhibition and collect materials (photos, videos, sketches, rough drawings).
3. Creation of at least 30 art pieces based on the interpretation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Karelia and the special features of the Onego lakeshore.
4. Organizing an exhibition in Petrozavodsk and a follow-up transportation of the exhibition to Joensuu.