Cooperation with schools in Joensuu

North Karelian Museum’s InterActive History project has had lively cooperation with local schools during the autumn semester. Project Coordinator Reetta-Mari Kellokoski has been as teacher in the optional course in Utra School. The course is called ‘Secrets of Utra’ and it is about getting to know local history and cultural […]


In the Kurkijoki Local History Center as part of the Interactive History project large-scale work has begun on preparing the premises for a new exhibition on the history, archeology and traditions of Kurkijoki and the Northern Ladoga. The InterActive History project is a joint effort of six museums in Russia […]


InterActive History project results presented in Ilomantsi

Ilomantsi Museum Foundation organized a launch event of their InterActive History project last Friday. Invitations were sent to project partners, members of the press, local travel entrepreneurs and people who had been involved in the project along the way. On Friday, a decent group of participants gathered to the Rune […]


InterActive History project at Art Night 2019

In November 2019 two events were organized by the National museum of the Republic of Karelia in the framework of the Art Night to present the InterActive History international project. The Art Night guests were welcomed for a unique tour on the history of Petrozavodsk based on the layout model […]

New article about the InterActive History project in Pogostan Sanomat newspaper

Project worker Sini-Maria Melanen from Ilomantsi Museum Foundation wrote an article for the local newspaper Pogostan Sanomat (1.8.2019) about the visit of the head of the InterActive History project Elena Kholodkova and coordinator Artem Stepanov from Petrozavodsk. During the visit, representatives of the Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism Development Fund […]