New article about the InterActive History project in Pogostan Sanomat newspaper

Pogostan Sanomat_082019Project worker Sini-Maria Melanen from Ilomantsi Museum Foundation wrote an article for the local newspaper Pogostan Sanomat (1.8.2019) about the visit of the head of the InterActive History project Elena Kholodkova and coordinator Artem Stepanov from Petrozavodsk.
During the visit, representatives of the Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism Development Fund saw the Parpeinvaara museum area in Ilomantsi, Russian and Finnish partners shared information about each other’s work.
The next big step in Ilomantsi within the framework of the project will be the expansion of the Wi-Fi network to cover the entire territory of the museum with wireless Internet. These works will be conducted in September 2019, when the museum closes.
The InterActive History project is implemented under the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program, brings together six museums in Russia and Finland and aims to create and introduce new museum services to the museums that are participants in research and interpretation of local heritage, using the principles of historical reconstruction, interactivity for the development of local identity and unique culture of the Euroregion of Karelia.

logo_Karelia_project_engKarelia CBC Programme is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland