Cooperation with schools in Joensuu

20191120_112235_s North Karelian Museum’s InterActive History project has had lively cooperation with local schools during the autumn semester.

Project Coordinator Reetta-Mari Kellokoski has been as teacher in the optional course in Utra School. The course is called ‘Secrets of Utra’ and it is about getting to know local history and cultural heritage. The program has included games, archive films, baking and learning about old time’s lifestyle via old newspaper articles and advertisements for example. Sixteen students from the 4th, 5th and 6th grades have participated in the course.

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North Karelian Museum and Rantakylä Teacher Training School organized together project weeks related to industrial history for the 7th grade students. The project lessons were implemented during mother tongue and literature, and history lessons instructed by teachers Anniina Kariniemi and Janne Heiskanen. The project weeks started by making a trip to Utra district, where students visited the Utra island and participated a workshop instructed by project coordinator Reetta-Mari Kellokoski and intendant Iiris Heino in Utra’s old school building. During the project weeks, the students created their own fictional characters related to Utra’s industrial community and filmed video material for example. The project weeks were really good experience and students learnt about industrialism trough local history and destinations.

The InterActive History project is a joint effort of six museums in Russia and Finland to create and introduce new interactive museum services based on research and interpretation of local cultural heritage, interactive principles and historical reconstruction in order to develop local identity and unique culture of the Euregio Karelia region. The project is implemented through the Karelia cross-border cooperation program in the partnership with the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Karelia.

Project acronym logo ENGKarelia CBC Program is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.