InterActive History project team heads to Olonets


IMG_0082 Project manager Elena Kholodkova and project coordinator Artem Stepanov visited the Olonets national museum of Sothern Karelians, one of the project’s participants. Different issues related to the implemention of the project were on the agenda of the meeting with museum director Natalia Nickolaeva. The project team made a tour of the museum exhibitions and the city park in the historic part of Olonets where the former fortress was located in the XVIIth -XVIIIth centuries.

The Olonets fortress is one of the lost historic sites that the InterActive project team will focused on. The fortress was built when Olonets was an outpost at the Russian-Swedish border and the capital of the province. During the project a new integrated museum program will be developed for the visitors that reveals the history of the fortress.

logo_Karelia_project_engKarelia CBC Programme is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland